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   The invitation 

All have been invited,  millions have already discovered it, hopefully millions more will . . . 

However, even more than all those who will embrace it will turn away from it and declare, "I don't want this now, maybe later".  

Later, these same people will so regret their hesitation. 

Who will you be? 


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This may be the most important journey
you've ever taken . . .

We are now into the new millennium. 
It is time for the world to know about the TRUTH. 
This site is about the dramatic events occurring in Medjugorje, Hercegovina. 
Many things are important to us all.  However, there is one aspect of our future that is far more important than anything else going on in our lives today: 
The great change that is coming 
to this world that will change everything 
about life as we know it. 
This information has been revealed directly from above and this site will show you how you can know for yourself that this is absolutely true and how you can prepare yourself for what is taking place.

If you've heard enough, then . . .
. . . or please, read on

Welcome to a place where you can finally answer the question . . . "What is the Truth?" 

I know who you are.  You may be skeptical, busy, prideful, unteachable, and angry, or maybe stressed out, fearful, or depressed; you may feel hopeless, trapped, frightened; be sick, suffering, poor, weakened; or you may have had a great loss in your life such as a loved one or friend.  Either way - there is something more to life that lay hidden that you possess the key to unlock!  There is a way to be happy and have peace now, no matter what is going on in your life.  There is a way out. 

For many of you who don't care and don't feel the need to read any further, YOU are among those that MUST come to know about one of the most profound events going on in the world today. 

Before we continue any further, please know that:
  • We're not selling anything,
  • We don't represent any specific religious denomination or group,
  • We're not looking for other's to side with us in some clever concept of our own,

  • and anything you read here, was not thought up by us or anyone else on this Earth, but was given from a source so amazing, you've got to experience it for yourself to understand - and you can.
    Come join with millions of others and . . . 
    • Learn about one of the most important events taking place in our lifetime
    • Let us show you pictures that will astound you
    • Learn about the powerful spiritual experiences that many are having that cannot be refuted
    • Better yet, we will tell you how anyone can have these experiences and come to know that all this is true
    Discover . . . 
    . . .one of the most amazing, ongoing supernatural events that continues to this day that millions are embracing and that no one will be able to avoid.  Whether someone learns about it here, by word of mouth, or from somewhere else , it will find everyone eventually.  There is not much time left, so since we're here reading this now, please don't wait.  This may be the opportunity you've been granted to learn about this.

    There is nothing to be afraid of . . .
    as long as you just do something!

    Have you ever asked yourself questions like these?:  

    • Does God exist and can we know for SURE?
    • Am I missing out on something that might effect my future for all eternity?
    • Is there really an afterlife, a heaven, a hell, etc?
    • How come no matter what I do, I can't seem to find lasting happiness?
    • Are there really angels and do they really visit people?
    • Is Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, really appearing to people all over the world?
    • Are we entering a new era soon that will change the world forever?
    • Was Jesus Christ really the son of God, is his second coming approaching, and can we really know when it might be?
    • What role do visionaries, prophets, and the scriptures have to do with today's world events and our NEAR future?  
    Our response to these questions is: 
    1. Ourselves and many others have found the TRUE answers to them 
    2. We will show how they all work together to form the truth 
    3. The answers we've found are not our own opinion, our own religion, or our own philosophy of life 
    4. . . . and finally, WE DO NOT EXPECT ANYONE TO TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT.  You can find out for yourself if what we are saying is true.
    The only ingredients you need to start with are: 
      to open your heart 

      let go of your fear 

      and exercise just an ounce of faith (not in us . . . in what is true, of course) and try the inner experiments that so many others have discovered, and then you'll know for yourself one of the greatest secrets so many have kept hidden from themselves for thousands of years.

    So what are we waiting for ? 

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