Separating healthy skepticism from illogical road blocks

     It is important in many ways to scrutinize any source claiming to contain Truth. Skepticism is essential in helping us weed out what is true from the everyday noise of fanatical ideas. If we were not to apply some level of wisdom by reviewing and questioning incoming information carefully, our own life's direction could be misdirected in a negative way. History has shown us that many a well-meaning people have been led down a path of darkness and despair by blindly embracing information, especially of a spiritual nature. Does it not say we should "Be ye as wise as serpents.."? Wisdom, at it's heart, it's a great virtue and should be especially present while reading through a site like this.

     However, if wisdom is to be present, then it also cannot be selective. One could not honestly say they are being logical if they were to analyze and accept one truth, but simply refute another because it violates what is comfortable to them. This is not wisdom. This is emotion, which history has also shown is not always in alignment with what is true. In spite of this, time and time again, skeptics over the centuries have refuted sound doctrine and extremely important information in spite of overwhelming evidence. This, mostly because of fear or because it violates what they currently believe.

We encourage the reader to read through the pages on this site and evaluate for themselves the evidence that has been given to us, forever urging the world to consider that perhaps there is more to the truth governing our lives than we may have previously known.

     The Truth understands that our lives operate in accordance with logic and the great news is, the Truth is logical!


  So can we know what is true?

     At first glance, whenever there is a question of whether truth is present in a given event or situation, experience has shown us that we can most often confidently turn to a simple guide like the one found here

     If you have been one who either flatly disbelieves, or have many reservations concerning claims to knowledge about the overall truth governing our lives, we understand how you feel and respect your views, opinions, and sincere questions.  Please always remember, the truth must be sought after with the mind and heart with love, humility, patience and long-suffering.  We hope and pray that all who can, may find the true answers to the mystery of the truth.  We believe we have found some answers, along with millions of other people.  If you wish, you can read more about it here.

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