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The Truth, continued . . .

How to personally know that this is true, obtain your own spiritual testimony, and experience the magic of God in your life . . .

We have combined these three topics above into one section because they all rely and build on each other, and depending on what Heaven intends for you, can happen together at the same time.

Let's face it.  People are different.  We can all experience the same things in different ways and at different times.  Some, upon reading up to this point, may already be feeling a personal spiritual testimony flowing in concerning these profound events.  Others may need to continue seeking the truth of it more deeply to begin to feel it's power and magic.  It doesn't matter either way as long as we all come to the same result.  Oftentimes, it is solely up to God at what point He will make known to you that this is all true.

     The good news is that Mary has told us how we may come to know that this is the truth, obtain our own spiritual testimony, and begin to experience the magic of having God in our lives now, and be prepared for the eternal life that God intends for each one of us.


     Prayer is by far one of the most powerful tools that will unlock the door between God and man.  Prayer is the key through which we discover the truth, feel the presence of God, can literally call down miracles from heaven, and can begin to see the signs of God's light and magic.  Once daily prayer has begun and continues, the Holy Spirit of God will come in and soon you will notice that something strange is beginning to happen - something magical !!  It doesn't matter who you are or what you are into.  God knows what you need to feel . . . and you will!!  Once you begin to feel the power of the effects of prayer, you'll be hooked on prayer forever! - the key is, don't stop praying!  If you don't feel anything at first, keep praying.  If you feel you are entering a dry period, just keep praying - it will pass.  We are a witness to the tremendous power of prayer both at a personal and global level.
     Prayer is still not fully understood.  It is not just for asking for things.  When you pray you are not just blindly talked to the heavens.  You make a connection, and then a sparkle of magic begins to flow into your life.  You will know when you feel it.  You become close to the heavens, begin to understand life and see God working in yours and others lives and in the world.  You will also discover the power of being able to hear God's voice!!  Yes - He will talk back.  Why wouldn't he?  He's been waiting all our lives to speak to us, we just haven't been open to hear him in us.  Prayer is the key.  Don't wait, start now!  Pray daily.  Everyone needs to pray - not just those that feel religious.
     Not sure how to pray?  There is actually no totally right or wrong way, but from our past experience with the heavens and from previous messages from Christ and Mary we have the following:
    When you pray, create in yourself the desire to seek God.  Pray aloud or quietly in your heart.  Pray in your own words or say known prayers.  Some feel that prayer should only be directed to God, however history and many messages from Jesus and Mary have shown that prayer to others in the heavenly court is in no way offensive to God.

    One known prayer that Mary has often asked be said is the Rosary.  This is also the prayer that has led to my own and to many others personal testimonies to the truth of Medjugorje and has brought many wondrous and powerful miracles that I myself am witness to.  Additionally when praying the Rosary, many have reported that the chains in their rosaries have turned golden.  I have also had my rosary turn golden as well and have seen other changed rosaries too.  For many, seeing is believing. Here are a few pictures of 2 rosaries that have turned golden. The pictures of my rosary show a side-by-side comparison (to another similar rosary) showing how my rosary looked one morning and then how it looked that SAME afternoon. Take a look.

    Rosaries turned golden is becoming common with regards to the events happening in Medjugorje.  It is now understood that when someone's rosary turns golden, it is a sign and a grace given by God to help and encourage their faith and belief.  In a way, He is saying, "Thank you.  Your prayers and sacrifices are well received.  What you have been seeking IS true, Please continue."  Even the Bible says, "Signs will follow those that believe".  People should not place too much emphasis on signs, however.  It is far more important to seek God than simply to seek signs from Him.  For more information on praying the Rosary, click here.

     Prayer and the Rosary is becoming in many ways a cornerstone of conversion and has been bringing amazing experiences to many all across the globe.  Remember, however, that to God, all forms of prayer are good and can help one make the connection to the heavens, discover the truth, and bring about the flow of magic and personal testimony into your life.

The key is:  Do it, start today, and don't stop.

Making small sacrifices

     The lesson of fasting and making sacrifices is another primary focus of the messages flowing from Medjugorje.  Over the past years ever since Mary has been appearing, she has been carrying the message of 'sacrifice' to the world.  Since those early days, the incredible effects of fasting and giving up small things of little importance has been transforming millions of people.  If you've never experienced the power, magic, and testimony to the truth that offering up a small sacrifice to God can bring, you owe it to yourself to try this lesson from Medjugorje.
     The entire concept of spiritual fasting and making other small sacrifices is really nothing new to humanity.  However, through Medjugorje and other apparitions around the world, it seems it is being re-taught to a world that has forgotten the great benefits that can be gained from such a forgotten art.
     Mary has been teaching us that fasting for spiritual purposes can be done in many ways.  For those who are sick, or those living in circumstances where good nutrition is a problem, she has said that other kinds of small sacrifices can be offered in place of fasting from food.
     The beauty of 'sacrifice' is that we can also offer up to God situations that befall us that are beyond our control.  If you are suffering, offer it to God to purchase the alleviation of the suffering of others.  If you feel emotional pain, offer it up to call down blessings for those around you.  I assure you - this can be POWERFUL!!

     Remember this doesn't mean that one should avoid seeking relief from harmful suffering where relief is available.  We are referring to suffering that cannot be readily alleviated.  DO NOT become fanatical about making sacrifices or fasting.  There is a "right way" and a "wrong way".  The Lord has made it very clear that he is displeased if someone should deliberately cause themself to suffer in a harmful way to offer it as a sacrifice to Him.  This is probably why, as long as one is not sick, Mary has suggested fasting on bread and water.

     Mary says, "The best fast is on bread and water.  Through fasting and prayer one can stop wars, one can suspend the natural laws of nature.  Works of charity cannot replace fasting...  Everyone except the sick, has to fast." (July 21, 1982).    Fasting is essential in order to achieve spiritual freedom. Through fasting, one is better able to listen to God, and can literally bring about miracles.  Our Lady recommends fasting twice a week:  "Fast strictly on Wednesdays and Fridays." (August 14, 1984). 
     Mary asks us to accept this difficult message "....with a firm will."  She asks us to "Persevere in ... fasting." (June 25, 1982).  I, personally, have never felt the love of God so strong as when I've been fasting.  My rosary chain turned gold after a day of fasting.  The sacrifice of fasting and giving up little things cannot be understated!!
     In the Old Testament and in the New Testament, there are many examples of fasting.  Jesus fasted frequently. According to Tradition, fasting is encouraged especially
in times of great temptation or severe trials.  Christ taught that certain evils, "can be cast out in no other way except by prayer and fasting" (Mark 9:29)
     We have to realize the power of fasting.  Fasting means to make a sacrifice to God, to offer not only our prayers, but also to make our whole being participate in sacrifice.  We should fast with love, for a special intention to purify ourselves and the world. The great task of purification needs sacrifices.
     For those who wish to experience the magic of having God in their lives now, and help prepare themselves for the eternal life that God is preparing, they should begin fasting and offering up small sacrifices.  It is not easy, but it can be done.  Millions ARE doing it and they are receiving powerful experiences that they could obtain in no other way.  God has special blessings in store for those who are willing to sacrifice.

Seeking to change  &  Listening

     Once prayer and sacrifice have begun, something amazing will begin to happen. You will begin to see the world differently. You will begin to understand things. You will begin to know what to do - and what NOT to do. You will begin to realize what the single most important thing is about all of this:

You will come to know that upon turning to God, we begin the 'great' change.

     This incredible experience will not happen all by itself - it will take your cooperation - it will require you're "yes" to God. Millions who have been touched by Medjugorje are giving the Lord their "yes" and testify to this rebirth that for some is the most amazing event that's ever come into their lives. This great change is one of the primary reasons for Mary coming to Medjugorje - to prepare man for the coming of the new era.
     So how will I change? How will I know I'm changing? How will I know what to do? How will this happen? How will I know what I need to do to change? Simply put... you will be told what to do. As mentioned earlier, as you begin to make the connection to the heavens and to God, he will in turn complete the connection. You will seek Him, and in return he will help you to achieve what He has always intended for you. You will speak to Him, and yes...He will speak to you. Does this mean, you will hear His voice like you hear another person's voice? Well...some actually have. Most likely, you will hear Him in a more amazing way, a more common way that most others hear His voice.      From time to time, especially during prayer, He will speak to you in your heart and mind. You will know it is Him when pure knowledge, pure information, words of tenderness and love flow in. From these words you will feel peace and contentment. Nothing has ever been so complete or satisfying as receiving direct communication from Him who made you and knows what you need. He knows what you need better than you know what you need. Many people may hear His actual words whereas many others hear Him as feelings and thoughts. Either way, it is the same. You know it is Him and not your imagination. He will help you to know!! It is not difficult. God does not want it to be difficult to contact Him. It is one of His greatest desires!
     What is important in maintaining this new wondrous connection with God is that you keep two things in mind: Through faith you must keep yourself open to hearing God's voice, and secondly, you must continue to try to follow what God is telling you. The beauty of conversing with God is that He is so gentle with us and so undemanding. He knows what we are ready to hear and what we are not. Don't be afraid to ask Him what you should do. He will never ask anything of you that you are not ready for.
     We titled part of this section "Seeking to change" because that is the goal that the Lord has in mind for each of us. Once we make contact, with God's help and direction, we need to seek to refine ourselves to obtain all God promises us now and in the future. God desires not only that this connection be made, but for us to continue and grow so that not only will we finally understand who He is and what He does for us, but also so that He may bless us with all that He has. Would a father desire anything less for his children? God has clearly stated He desires to give us all that He has!! What in our world is worth as much as what God can give and will give if we only continue on the path toward him.

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